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Backstreet Tango

††††††††† Specialzing in Social Argentine Tango

I happened upon tango by the invitation of a friend.† Like many other tango enthusiasts shortly after entering the world of Argentine Tango I realized that I was totally confused.† Like most people I consider myself intelligent and was determined to learn how to dance Argentine Tango.† I realized, it is not that the dance that is so complicated but the methodology in which it mostly is taught. I discovered that in most cases patterns from different levels are being introduced to dancers of all levels simultaneously.† I believe that teaching Argentine Tango in a workshop format concentrating on one element at a time is the best method. This methodology enables students to retain more of the information and better perform the intricacies of the dance. Workshop formats also reduce much of the repetition of classes over time just to understand the† main concepts about how to perform each element.

About Myself

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Iím never satisfied in just dancing or doing anything half way.† In sports or work I give it my all and continue educating myself to do things better.

I have recently returned from presenting my Argentine Tango instruction methodology, technique and teaching abilities to world renown Master Tango Instructors and have been given their blessings.† I was evaluated on my ability in performing the dance, teaching the fundamentals of the dance, proper technique and understanding the musicality of the dance

In 2012, I was recognized and evaluated as an advanced dancer by world class dancers.† Since then, I decided that for the sake of my students, I would have my instruction evaluated.† Now, I am confident that the way in which I teach Argentine Tango is not only the way I understand it, but, it is consistent with the way master tangueros desire the dance to be taught.†


††† Videos of Elements