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*******  Two people are allowed for the price of one for private classes



******   If two instructors are requested for private sessions an extra 25 dollars will be charged per hour.  



******  Packages are paid in full after the first lesson. A free introductory classroom visit if offered in order for students to assess my style/methodology of instruction prior to purchasing private lessons.


There are no refundsPayment for private and classroom instruction is valid until used.  Transfer of remaining classes to another individual is allowed.  Verification must be in the form of an email or in writing. 





♦  Students who cannot make the practicas can transfer the two dance credits for one dance class.

*♦  Classes are taught in a workshop format, focusing on one core element at a time. 

♦  Drop-ins are welcome,

♦  Partners are not required

♦  Rotation among partners is encouraged, but not required

♦  Backstreet Tango welcomes a diverse community of leads and followers

♦  Classes instruction is 40 min long for both classroom and private instruction:  There is generally a ten minute review at the beginning covering whatever  the previous class was on.  40 minutes of the instruction for the day and a ten minute review at the end of the class highlighting things noted during the class that the student needs concentrate on.



Backstreet Tango


Pricing for Classes and Private lessons


Students attending classes and paying as they attend,                     $ 10.00

 drop in rates  per person                         


Class Packages

First time Beginners Package 8 classes                                                $40.00

Continuing student Package 10 classes                                               $70.00


Private and couple lessons

Individual private lesson with one instructor                                         $65.00                           

Package of five private lessons with one instructor                         $225.00

Package of ten private lessons with one instructor                          $350.00

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