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Backstreet Tango 
3505 South 14th St. 
Tacoma, WA 98405
Email: Backstreettango@gmail.com

The only local dance studio solely dedicated to Argentine Tango

A dance of passion, emotion, and discovery

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   The only authorized parking for students attending group  classes is at Hearing and Audiology Clinic parking lot at 1311 S. Union.  It is on the same block as my house.  Parking is only available after 6 p.m. Please park there and enter through the back door of the house .  Thanks
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Still not sure?  Check out our Student Reviews. Or stop by for a free introductory class.  
We would love to help you make dancing a lifelong passion, and along the way make new friends.  
          I   consistently seek out professionals to evaluate my instruction to ensure that I am qualified, updated and teaching how  the industry  desires tango to be taught.  This is just to ensure my students that they are getting what they pay for (professional up to date instruction)  A person can say he has been teaching and dancing forever but, that doesn’t validate his/her abilities dancing, knowledge or ability to teach.   In conclusion if your taking classes with a instructor and what your learning doesn't look like what you see on Youtube under the title of Argentine Tango your probably learning a version Argentine Tango which is not what your going to dance if you ever go to the Seattle Argentine Tango scene or Argentina.  Just something you might think about when choosing an instructor. 

Interesting Comparison
Recently I found a quote that coincides with the way I am teaching Argentine Tango.  
Christy Cote and George Garcia state: “ There is an underlying code and logic that all tangueros understand.  It can be compared to speaking a language.  Once you understand the vocabulary and grammar of the language you can improvise your words and communicate with others that speak your language.”  My studio does just that, by teaching the elements of the dance you are learning the vocabulary and grammar of Argentine Tango.  Learning Tango by learning patterns is like improvising the words and vocabulary of a language you haven’t yet learned.

       How to Learn Tango

Text Box: “The only Master certified Social Argentine Tango Instructor  in the South 
Sound”  If your going to invest your time to learn this dance , invest it wisely!

  Welcome to Backstreet Tango!  We hope our website will provide you a general introduction to the wonderful world of Argentine tango, and all the details about our program and studio located in Tacoma, Washington.  Seattle and the great Pacific Northwest boast exciting, vibrant Argentine tango communities.  Our goal in developing Backstreet Tango is to expand the Seattle area's thriving tango culture even more by providing tangueroes in Tacoma and the South Sound communities a place to call home.  We offer enthusiasts who seek a great and traditional Argentine tango venue with a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the South Sound an alternative to those long Seattle drives.                                       


    This isn't a gigantic ballroom dance studio where you will sit and not be noticed!  It’s a cozy, friendly place where everyone is approachable and everyone will know each other by name and as friends.  Our guiding vision for Backstreet Tango is to inspire even more tango connections in our area by offering all students the very finest quality instruction, and always in a friendly, home town atmosphere.  BST welcomes a diverse community of leads and followers.

We teach using a workshop format, emphasizing mastery of the core elements of tango.  Our class focuses on developing a solid understanding along with the proper performance of the basic elements of the dance.  From these, we create the increasingly varied and intricate patterns that give the Argentine tango its uniquely rich character.  As each element is studied, the associated patterns for varying its entry and exit are introduced.  Weekly 1 p.m. workshops are focused on a different topic or theme every month.

Whether you've been dancing Argentine tango for many years and want to improve your technique and brush up on rusty skills, or you've never been on a dance floor and just want to try it out, or anywhere in between-- we invite you to begin or continue your journey with us.  Partners are not required.  And there's never an extra charge for fun!


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Text Box: *****Ongoing special for first time students (eight classes ) all for the price of 40 dollars.  
*******Students who continue past their first eight lessons can purchase 10 lessons for an upfront cost of $70 vs  ten dollars per lesson.


My wife and I are a retired couple who discovered the Argentine Tango in our mid-sixties with no previous dance experience. We started going to Back Street Tango first to attend the Milonga. Luis is a true gentleman and a wonderful host. He makes everyone welcome. We have been attending group lessons elsewhere for a while and we practice in our kitchen, but it wasn’t until we started taking some private lessons from Luis that the basic moves really took hold. Luis has devoted his life to this wonderful dance. It shows in the way he explains simply and directly how to do the steps and connect them into the beautiful walk at the heart of the tango. His studio is comfortable, inviting, and well designed. He is a truly patient teacher even with a student like me with metal knees and days when I am not as coordinated as I would hope. I also know that he instructs those students who have way more experience and ability. Everyone who knows him respects his ability as a teacher and his love of the dance.

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Tuesdays 6:30 Absolute Beginners class                             Wednesdays  6:30 Absolute Beginners Class
       Saturdays 12 p.m.  Absolute Beginners Class    
         Saturdays 1 p.m.  Level 2 Beginners Class          
 4th Saturday (Monthly) Lakewood Elks Milonga 
4:15 to 6:50 pm
Sundays 12 p.m.  Absolute Beginners Class                                        Sundays 1 p.m.  Level 2 Beginners Class    
Sundays 2 p.m.  Intermediate Class
Sundays Milonga 1st & 3rd  3-5:30 $5
Sundays Practica 2nd & 4th  3-4:30 Free

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  Next Backstreet Tango Milonga will be 
   Aug 25th Point Ruston Amphitheater (Live Orchestra)
Class Schedule listed Below

Attendance Requirements: No clothing requirements Wear what your comfortable with, Bring a pair of dry shoes in hand. if you don't have dance shoes no worries we have shoe covers.  No requirement to RSVP just show up. Be light hearted, Remember, when learning, everyone starts out wrong (both leader and follower).  So don’t blame your partner.  

The best way to be notified of changes is by joining our mailing list  so, we can notify you of changes.  Join our mailing list by emailing backstreettango@gmail.com